Beer on “How Stuff Works”

posted on December 16, 2008 in Beer Tech,Homebrew

Homebrew author and all around cool guy Charlie Papazian will be on an upcoming episode of Discovery Channel’s “How Stuff Works” which will be dedicated to brewing. I’ve watched a couple of the other episodes and it’s pretty good so I’m looking foward to their take on brewing.

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Just Add Water

posted on December 15, 2008 in Beer Tech

EinsteinTechnology and people’s inventiveness never cease to amaze me. The NanoBrewMaster created by Popular Science staff photographer John Carnett will allow just about anyone to create 15 gallons of their favorite beer – or 7.5 gallons of 2 different beers – from boil to tap with what amounts to the push of a button. Everything is monitored and computer controlled from the boil to the fermentation to the kegging and serving. I can’t wait to see some actual pictures of the finished product (their website was down due to exceeded bandwidth) and check out the price. The drawings I saw look really cool and well designed.
I’m not sure I’d get one of these because I kind of like the process of brewing the beer but I could see how someone who loves beer but doesn’t want to do the work might go for one of these depending on the price.

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