Review: Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir

posted on November 24, 2008 in Craft Beer Tasting

Grade: B –

After reading the New Yorker article I decided to see what Dogfish Head brews my local BevMo carried and was surprised to find that they had Midas Touch Golden Elixir.  It’s based on residue found in vessles in a tomb in central Turkey which some archeologists believe may be the tomb of King Midas. Through molecular archeology it was determined that the residue was made up of barley beer, grape wine and honey mead. There was also a yellow substance that they guessed might be saffron. Dogfish Head tried to recreate this ancient drink with barley, honey, white Muscat grapes and saffron. As you might expect, it’s an interesting brew.

The color is golden with a minimal head. It is much clearer than I expected. Something a little cloudier might have felt a little more ancient. The nose is somewhat sweet and a little spicy but also distinctively beer. The taste is sweet with notes of honey, grape and some spice. The mouth feel is a bit thin with a effervescent quality not unlike a good champagne. I liked this beer but didn’t love it. It’s interesting and would be a nice departure from the typical beers served at parties. The price I paid is $12.99/4 pack which is about what I’d expect for a limited release craft beer.

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